Proven Benefits of OPTIFAST

The OPTIFAST Program is the most successful weight loss program in the world using medical food model. With OPTIFAST, you’ll be closely monitored and given the support, counseling, lifestyle education, and meal replacements to help you enjoy long-term weight loss and significantly reduce weight-related health risks.

Follow-up studies at 5 years showed over 45% of patients kept enough weight off to improve their health long term

After 2 years, 40% of patients maintained more than half their weight loss; 78% of men and 60% of women maintained medically significant weight loss

  • High Nutritional Quality: The Nestle Nutrition Quality Program provides reassurance that the products are high quality and safe for consumption. This certification is similar to that which is used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Pioneer in its class : OPTIFAST was the first comprehensive formula diet program for weight loss and has the longest documented history of successful obesity treatment.
  • Backed expert team: These experts have helped OPTIFAST develop medical protocols, patient education, and a scientifically validated curriculum.
  • Long Term Track Record : OPTIFAST has been used by over a million people worldwide since 1974
  • Clinical Evidence: There are over 80 published studies validating the results of the program. One in particular followed over 20,000 patients who have used OPTIFAST.
  • Success maintained : 5 year follow-up studies show that over 50% of people who complete the OPTIFAST Program are able to keep enough weight off to improve their health long-term.

The OPTIFAST Program

  • Meal replacement diet Narrowing your food choices helps you work towards weight loss and weight management by controlling the amount and types of food you eat. This is called stimuls control method in the psychology of eating behavior.
  • Medical supervision Utilizes the expertise of OPTIFAST certified physician like Dr. Bhat  to help you lose weight safely.
  • Lifestyle education Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes are three key elements of Optifast program.
  • Counseling Individual and group counseling by OPTIFAST trained experts who understand your challenges.
  • Ongoing personalized support Your weight loss is monitored and supported during rapid induction phase, and long term maintenance phase of weight loss according to research proven Optifast guidelines.