Obesity Medicine Specialist

Who is an Obesity Medicine Specialist Doctor?

An obesity medicine physician, also known as bariatrician, is a licensed Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) who has advanced education in diagnosing and treating obesity and its complications.

A board certified Bariatrician is a doctor who takes the American Board of Obesity Medicine board exam,  and gets certified by the board, and keeps up the board standards by continuing education courses.Obesity Medicine Specialist Naras-Bhat

Dr. Naras Bhat at Concord Weight Loss Clinic and Allergy Center is board certified by

American Board of Obesity Medicine which stipulates:


An obesity medicine physician is a physician with

  • Thorough understanding of the treatment of obesity and the genetic, biologic, environmental, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity.
  • Employs therapeutic interventions including diet, physical activity, behavioral change, and pharmacotherapy.
  • Utilizes a comprehensive approach, and may include additional resources such as nutritionists, exercise physiologists, psychologists and bariatric surgeons as indicated to achieve optimal results.
  • Maintains competency in providing pre- peri- and post-surgical care of bariatric surgery patients
  • Promotes the prevention of obesity, and
  • Advocates for those who suffer from obesity.

How medical weight loss program differs from commercial weight loss programs?

Commercial weight loss programs like Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, My Alli, LA weight loss centers, and Nutrisystem diet do not have the following features of physician directed weight loss system:

  • One on one patient doctor interaction
  • Evaluation of causes of yo-yo diet and metabolism
  • Evaluation of medical causes of weight gain such as PCOS, low thyroid, and hormone disroders
  • Changing the prescription medications which cause weight gain
  • Evaluation of medical disorders caused by weight gain, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure
  • Address the psychological and psychiatric challenges of weight gain
  • Prescribe weight loss pills (diet pills) when indicated