Milk and Dairy Weight Gain or Weight Loss

by nbhat

There is growing trend in media now saying milk and dairy products can cause weight gain and water retention. In fact Dr. Mark Hyman often comes on Dr. Oz show and explains how hidden food sensitivity can make you gain weight.

As an allergist, I understand the problem of leaky gut syndrome, milk allergy, and weight gain. But is that true for everybody? Does milk and dairy make every body gain weight?

In our Concord weight loss clinic, we use milk derived double protein isolates containing whey and casein to increase the protein intake. Do these protein supplements make you gain or lose weight? The answer is under proper supervision by expert weight loss doctors, you will lose weight by using these milk protein supplements.

Here is a meta analysis research study in International Journal of Obesity. The summary of the article:

CONCLUSION: Increased dairy consumption without energy restriction might not lead to a significant change in weight or body composition; whereas inclusion of dairy products in energy-restricted weight loss diets significantly affects weight, body fat mass, lean mass and WC compared with that in the usual weight loss diets.

International Journal of Obesity (2012) 36, 1485–1493; doi:10.1038/ijo.2011.269; published online 17 January 2012