Board Certified Weight Loss Doctor


Naras Bhat, MD at Allergy and Weight Loss Center and Concord Weight Loss Center, is a board certified weight loss doctor. He has undergone extensive training by national experts on medical weight loss programs, passed the written and oral examination, and site visit by the board.

Dr. Naras bhat is also personally trained by Dr. Barry Sears on anti-inflammatory diet and zone diet. He is a zone certified physician


Zone Certified Physicians

Zone Certified Physicians have passed a test in Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition administered by the non-profit Inflammation Research Foundation. Each of these physicians has the knowledge in how to use anti-inflammatory nutrition as an integral part of maintaining patient wellness with least amount of prescription drugs. In essence, they going back to the beginnings of modern medicine when Hippocrates said, β€œlet food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food.”